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Children's Bargain Town USA trademark from 1967.

Children's Bargain Town USA ad from June 5, 1965.

Recently surfaced TV commercial of Children's Bargain Town from 1971. Courtesy of FuzzyMemories.TV.

Eight page ad from November 23, 1969.

Another vintage ad. November 29, 1965.

Ad for the Grand Opening of Bargain Town/Toys R Us in Schaumburg, IL on October 29, 1971.

Children's Bargain Town in South Chicago, Chicago.

Another Bargain Town price tag.

Another vintage ad.

Children's Bargain Town Toy Truck.

Bargain Town once located in Highland Park IL.

Bicycles on display.

Bargain Town price tag.

Part of a ad. Location unknown.

Sign at night time.

Store once located at N Milwaukee & Campbell Aves in Chicago's North Side. 

Frame of a vintage Children's Bargain Town commercial in 1971. Courtesy of

Bargain Town in Calumet City, IL.

Another vintage ad.

Vintage ad.

Ad of Children's Bargain Town USA at the South Chicago neighborhood in Chicago.

Bargain Town Store.