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A 1955 Whisk Broom from Polk Brothers.

Rubber Soul by The Beatles sold at Polk Brothers.

1965 Polk Brothers Catalog.

Polk Brothers Souvenir Book from 1967.

Sol Polk at a Polk Brothers Store at an unknown location in 1957.

Here is an edition of The Random House Encyclopedia that was sold at Polk Brothers in Chicago.

Polk Brothers Kite.

Classic Polk Brothers  TV commercial.

Polk Brothers Store in Melrose Park, IL in 1989.

Classic Polk Brothers Sign.

Polk Brothers store at night at N Central Ave in Chicago.

Polk Brothers Store in 1959.

Polk Brothers Store on the left in a intersection in Skokie, IL.

Here is Sol Polk and another gentleman surrounded in a sea of Santa Clauses.

Polk Brothers receipt and business card in 1966.

This is a photo of the first Polk Brothers store at 3334 N Central in Chicago, IL, in 1936.

Another Polk Brothers ad.

Polk Brothers Distribution Center in Maywood, IL.

Polk Brothers Store at 2850 N Central Ave in Chicago, Il, in color. 

Polk Brothers ad in 1970.

Another vintage photo of inside of a Polk Brothers store.

Polk Brothers ad at Ford City Shopping Center, Chicago, IL.

Another vintage ad of Polk Brothers.

Fire at Polk Brothers at Melrose Park, IL in June 1987.

Another Polk Brothers ad from 1981.

Another vintage Polk Brothers ad. 

1963 Xmas Newspaper ad for Polk Brothers.

Vintage Dumont Toy Truck from Polk Brothers.

Polk Brothers receipt.

Polk Brothers ad at Dixie Square Mall in Harvey, IL.

Polk Brothers neon signs at night.

Polk Brother Business Card.

Polk-a-lay-lee instrument. 

Photo of Polk Brothers on N Central Ave. in Chicago.

Another photo inside of a Polk Brothers store.

Polk Brothers ad in Arlington Heights, IL.

Ad for Polk Brothers.

Another photo inside of a Polk Bros. store.

Inside of a Polk Bros. store.

Polk Brothers Warehouse.

Polk Brothers Charge Account Card.

Card listing of all the locations of Polk Brothers.

Another picture of the classic Santa Claus and Snowman.

Ad on Suburban Chicago Bus.

Polk Brothers in Melrose Park, IL.

Sol Polk and his family. Founder of Polk Brothers.

The priceless Snowman and Santa Claus Xmas Decorations.

Vintage Polk-a-lay-lee.

Ad for Polk Bros. once located at Dixie Square Mall in Harvey, IL.

Vintage Polk Brother Store.

Here is the back of a receipt advertising a Polk Bros. Revolving Charge Account Card.

Vintage Polk Brothers Sign.