Hello everyone. When The Chicago 1967 Blizzard hit Chicago on January 26, 1967, my mother told me of her memory of it. She remembered it like it was yesterday. I was 3 years old at the time, my brother was 2, and my mother was four and half months pregnant. We lived on S Colfax Ave in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago in a six flat apartment building, and the only memory I had was, when I looked out the window in our living room, and it was total whiteness. My father worked at the Hilton Hotel downtown on S Michigan Ave and worked the evening shift. The IC train (now called the Metra), was operating as usual. It was only block away from the apartment. He was offered to stay at the hotel, but he was so worried about us, he declined. My mother didn’t leave the apartment for a week and half. She couldn’t go to the laundry room in the basement, because the porches and stairs leading to it, were covered with heavy snow. That was only way to go there. My Mom said, she washed our clothes and diapers in the bathtub and sinks. Luckily, she had plenty of soap on hand. As for food and other necessities , my Dad went to my uncle’s grocery store on the corner of E 75th St and S Colfax Ave, the High-Low Foods Grocery Store and Walgreens on the same block. My Mom was very frightened at the time, she only been in America for 5 years when she got married. Thank goodness, nobody got sick. We were very lucky. I watched a lot of TV during that time, Bozo’s Circus, Ray Rayner, Garfield Goose and other cartoons on WGN-TV Channel 9. I still remembered some of that. That blizzard was memorable, compared to the others. Everyone remembers where they were at that time. I hope everyone enjoyed my story. My mother tells that to me all the time, and I am still fascinated by it. Thank you. Pete Kastanes-Admin for Chicago’s Extinct Businesses.